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Alopecia develops when your immune system attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss.

This type of hair loss may also be brought on by severe stress or chemo.

Alopecia: Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.

This type of hair loss is very common affecting nearly 7 million in the United States.

Alopecia affects 21 million women worldwide.

200,000 women a year in the U.S.

147 million people worldwide.

It can affect people of any age, race or sex.

It can begin at childhood or adulthood.






























Uplifting Beanies & Magnificent Turbans are perfect wig alternative for women who suffer hair loss due to cancer, autoimmune diseases, stress or any other conditions.

They are stylish, hard to find & they inspire you to be your best self despite your circumstances.



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Get ready to mark your calendars for a groundbreaking event! You’re cordially invited to the inaugural Alopecia Awareness event: “Empower You With Blue” Fashion Show presented by Hollingsworth Productions and Reesie’s Marvelous Hats on September 15, 2024, from 1-5pm at Florian Hall, located at 55 Hallet St, Boston, MA.
Be part of history as we host the first and only Alopecia event in Massachusetts, all in celebration of Alopecia Awareness month in September.
Join us for an unforgettable afternoon dedicated to raising awareness and providing crucial support for individuals living with Alopecia.
Experience the excitement of a vibrant marketplace featuring local business vendors, mesmerizing performances by talented local artists and performers, delectable food, and swag bags filled to the brim with goodies.
Plus, hear from powerful speakers who will inspire and empower us all.
We’re also seeking volunteers, models, sponsors, and speakers to make this event even more impactful.
This event is a fundraiser, so your participation and support will make a significant difference in our cause.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to come together as a community, celebrate unity, and empower each other in style.
RSVP now and spread the word!


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